PRHMT005-Range Hood Motor

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This part is for these Range Hood:RH0034, RH0035, RH0080, RH0081, RH0094, RH0095, RH0096, RH0097, RH0132, RH0133, RH0134, RH0135, RH0136, RH0137, RH0147, RH0148, RH0149, RH0150, RH0171, RH0172, RH0173, RH0174, RH0194, RH0195, RH0196, RH0197, RH0198, RH0199, RH0201, RH0202, RH0214, RH0215, RH0216, RH0217, RH0220, RH0221, RH0222, RH0223, RH0224, RH0225, RH0228, RH0229, RH0237, RH0238, RH0241, RH0242, RH0253, RH0254, RH0255, RH0256, RH0259, RH0260, RH0261, RH0262, RH0263, RH0264, RH0379, RH0376, RH0396, RH0397, RH0398, RH0399, RH0401, RH0402, RH0403, RH0404, RH0376, RH0377, RH0378, RH0380

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