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Outdoor Bathtubs – How to Create An Outdoor Oasis for Your Home

You’ve had one too many of those days lately. The search for lost shoes causes you to forget your coffee on the counter. The forgotten coffee makes carpooling four kids under the age of 10 to school almost unbearable. Your day at work will not go down in history as any kind of shining moment. Now, on your way home, you remember that you have to meet the contractor who is replacing your back deck. You have to be coherent enough to make decisions.

It leaves you longing for a way to get away from it all at the end of the day. Maybe there is…

Treat Yourself to a Little Oasis Outdoor Bathtub black and white

Instead of the typical hot tub with a higher cost for upkeep and maintenance, consider a freestanding outdoor bathtub to your new deck. Not only are they easier on your budget, they can be a more versatile addition to your open air space. Without the concern of pumps and filters,  outdoor bathtubs are a great place to relax and a convenient way to clean up after a long day of yard work without tracking dirt through your home.

Find the Right Spot

A good contractor can help you find the perfect location for your new spa area. With the right blueprint upfront you will save money and hassle later. You will need to consider water accessibility. Your bathtub will most likely be plumbed from your existing home lines, so plan to keep your location close to interior water pipes.

You should also take a look from an outside perspective to maintain your privacy. While outdoor spas look and feel glamorous, you probably won’t feel too relaxed with nosy neighbors looking on. You may  want to place it where there is a tall fence, surrounding trees, or some other way to block an outsider’s view. Or simply add some plants, room divider, or decorative screen.

Plan for Maintenance

Keep in mind that maintaining outdoor plumbing can be different from what is required in temperature-controlled indoor rooms. Insulating your pipes correctly can save you from disaster down the road. Make sure that you plan for easy access to water cut-offs and maintenance work.

Understand Your Hot Water Requirements

Be sure to find out the size of your current hot water heater. Smaller tanks may not be able to heat enough water to handle your daily needs plus the added load of a large soaker tub. If you find that your household hot water requirements will exceed your boiler’s production capacity, consider upgrading your water heating system to an on-demand tankless water heater. This will not only efficiently provide all of your hot water needs, it will also save you space.

outdoor freestanding tubTake Structural Support Seriously

The deck beneath your bathtub should be water-resistant and structurally reinforced. A 100 gallon bathtub full of water can easily weigh over 1000 pounds before you even step in. Adding an extra footer and support posts beneath your tub is essential for structural integrity. You will also want to choose a decking material that is rated to handle the weight. If for some reason you cannot use a material that will hold up to the weight, a sunken bathtub can be a beautiful solution.


When you have discussed the plans with a contractor and it is time to find the perfect option for your freestanding bathtubs, please contact us. We’d love to help you find just the right tub to turn your backyard into the perfect outdoor getaway!


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