The Benefits of a Larger Range Hood

They say everything is bigger in Texas. The same can be said for our wider range hoods we are now offering in specialty sizes – our high performance series. For range hoods larger than our standard 30 and 36 inch models, they will be equipped with dual motors and air dampers. While the designs may look identical, internally, you can expect added bells and whistles that make them radically different. In this blog post, we’ll go over all the benefits of our larger range hoods and why they are the best we have to offer.

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Every homeowner will ask this basic question before every range hood purchase, “What kind of performance does this model have?” Due to the larger size, 42 and 48 inch models will have two high performance motors that are capable of moving more than twice the amount of air. Each motor is rated at 148-watts and delivers powerful suction while remaining relatively quiet. The added coverage area means this is a necessity for additional pots, pans, and burners.



Larger range hoods will have to move more air to make up for the wider width. Both 42 and 48 inch models have a total of 820 CFM of air flow. Massive amounts of air, including cooking grease, oils, and odors will be expelled out through the chimney with ease – more so than our other models.



Imagine having a large stove top with a standard-sized range hood. Not only will this be a cooking nightmare with a kitchen full of smoke, you have to limit the amount of pots and pans you can use to compensate for the lack of air movement. Slower more difficult cooking is to be expected, and foods like Chinese cuisine and other fried dishes are surely off the menu.



Additional area coverage will entail larger amounts of oils and grease collected from the air and away from your kitchen. All 42 and 48 inch models in our high performance series features a total of six baffle filters to collect larger amounts of harmful pollutants.



For detailed measurements and specifications on our high performance dual motor range hoods, visit the links below:

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