The deluxe way to shower in comfort

Relaxing Rainfall

Turn regular bathing into a luxury experience
Transform your showering from a mundane routine to a soothing, gentle rain, all without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Versatile Washing

Multiple flow settings for the perfect shower
Customize your shower experience as you see fit with a variety of adjustable water flow options. With the flick a switch, go from pulsating rain to a relaxing waterfall to a gentle mist to wash and unwind just the way you want.


Sleek, Contemporary Look

Luxury style with heat-resistant construction
Made from solid thermal plastic and given a beautiful chrome/nickel finish, these showerheads are perfect for those who relax with a long, hot shower. The wide face of this showerhead enables maximum washing coverage from a steady stream.

Easy Installation

Ready to use within minutes
Simply remove your old shower head and attach your new deluxe model in a matter of minutes. Made of lightweight but sturdy plastic, handling it is a breeze compared to stainless steel showerheads and ideal for attachment to older or more delicate shower fixtures.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Designed for easy cleaning
Rubber shower nozzles enable quick and effortless cleaning of mineral deposits that can build up over time. Simply rub the nozzles briskly with your hands and rinse, without the need for harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing.