Make Christmas Memories with Indoor Fireplaces

When you hear the word “Christmas, ” you may immediately envision family gatherings in a cheerfully decorated living room, sharing stories around a crackling fireplace. Maybe you anticipate cold winter evenings, sipping hot cocoa while curled up with a book by a cozy hearth. Or perhaps you recall beloved childhood memories of coming inside from a frigid adventure – sledding, shoveling, or building snowmen – and warming up cold hands and feet by the fire.

There is one component in common with each of these examples: a relaxing fire. Christmas family by a fireplace

A fireplace is an essential detail that completes a romantic ambiance and winter memories. Sadly, many houses no longer include this important accessory. If you’ve found yourself wishing you could snuggle up near an old-fashioned fireplace, you may want to consider getting an electric fireplace.

Indoor fireplaces have recently become more popular due to their many benefits. Here are a few reasons why they could be a great choice for your home:

1. Good for the Environment

Electric fireplaces are gentler on the environment than either wood burning or gas fires. They eliminate the release of harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide. No trees need to be cut down for wood to burn, and the resulting lack of smoke means no carcinogens or air pollution.

2. Styles to Fit Your Needs

AKDY offers three different models of electric fireplaces: inserted, wall-mounted, and freestanding. If your family prefers a more rustic look, you may like a traditional freestanding fireplace, reminiscent of a charming wood burning stove. If you want to add a sophisticated, elegant feel to your modern living room, a sleek LED backlit wall-mounted style is ideal. If you already have a fireplace, an inserted fireplace can be added for a realistic replacement that requires no work! wall mount fireplace with backlit LED

3. Low Maintenance

Speaking of no work – say goodbye to endless buying, chopping, hauling and storing of wood. No lengthy time required to build the fire and keep it going – with the touch of a button the fireplace emits warmth and a realistic glow.

The extensive cleaning required by wood and gas fireplaces to remove leaves, bark, soot, and ashes require painstaking time on hands and knees, scrubbing with harsh chemicals. The fireplace turns black after regular use, and a recommended yearly inspection and cleaning can cost up to $250. Contrast that with electric fireplaces which, after the swipe of a dusting cloth, are clean, tidy, and always ready for use.

4. Safety

Electric fireplaces eliminate the use of gas and matches, thereby reducing the risk of fire. The heat that is generated is safe, and the face of the appliance is cool to the touch, so they’re perfectly safe for children and pets. It can be left unattended with no need for fire screens so you can rest easy.

5. Convenience

While wood burning fireplaces can get too hot and require constant attention to dampen or fan the flames, electric fireplaces have various heat settings and remote controls to maintain the perfect temperature.

black freestanding fireplaceFreestanding fireplaces can easily be picked up, moved to a different room, and simply plugged into the wall for extra heat. Is the bathroom especially cold this morning? Scoot your electric fireplace on in and enjoy a shower in a warm room. Do you have a top-secret Christmas project going on in the gar
age? Take an electric fireplace out there, along with some cheery Christmas music, and you’ll be set for hours of productive work. Or if you are just looking for some ambiance, the heat mode can be turned off entirely.

This Christmas you can give your family a cozy addition to the winter memories they cherish. That cheery fire, cup of tea, and favorite book are waiting for you!

For more information on the benefits of electric fireplaces or help with purchasing, please contact us.


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