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How to Pick the Right Shower Head

In today’s world, the most basic things can easily become complicated, and keeping up in this time can be difficult. One instance of this can be found in showering. From sleek and shiny handheld units to adjustable sprays to stand-up soaking spas, the bathroom hardware aisle has begun to overflow with a ton of various options.

Below is our AKDY SH0029 shower head, it will be used to showcase plenty of our functions as they are all enclosed within that compact shower head.

Full Body Spray

A complete full spray pattern dotted along the shower face that increases water area coverage and warmth. This is perfect for an even and thorough wash after a long day. A standard on many shower heads, sometimes, the basic necessities is all we need to cherish in life.



Massage Spray

Rejuvenating spray that mimics a massage by varying water flow to create a massage experience. Types include pulsating, circular, and dual massaging sprays. This is absolutely perfect for those who love a nice pulsating choppy feel to soothe and wash sore muscles.


Misting Spray

Water gets sprayed into micro droplets that replicate the mist feel. This is perfect for a nice cooling shower as well as saving money due to the smaller amount of water being forced though.

However, my personal favorite in regards to showering would have to be the rainfall style showers, like the one posted below.

Rainfall shower

Cascading down from above would be droplets from the wide face and many nozzles that dot the shower head. Rain fall style offers the soothing feelings of the rain while ensuring that a never ending supply to help you get clean.

Mounting Types

Top mount.

Choose this type of shower head if you like the idea of you shower experience consisting of water cascading down from above. Commonly paired with rainfall style shower heads, these are optimal for cascading down water – given enough ceiling height. Top-mount models are either installed straightaway onto the ceiling or they can be hung from an extended arm.


 Standard wall mount.

The typical wall-mounted shower head ranges from the simplest designs to incredibly more intricate, feature-heavy models with various settings and spray modes. Such options also include new forms of technology to counteract hard water accumulation, corrosion, and tarnishing of the material. Some have only one setting, while others package together massage, mist, and other assorted shower effects. Prices can span many points, but if you’re trying to save some green, this is where to begin your search.




With the ability to be removed from its original mounting position, handheld shower heads operate well in bathing applications and can also be helpful for washing things other than adult bodies such as pets and kids. If you can’t choose between either a handheld or a traditional fixture, why not upgrade to a two-in-one combination? Do not forget to choose a variant that is easy to hold and maneuver when your hands have been compromised with being wet and soapy.

Sliding bar.

Depending on the individual height and personal preference of the homeowner, a sliding bar shower head moves vertically along a wall-mounted base. This ensures that a bathroom shared among family members, is an optimal experience that everyone enjoys due to a shower head like this, fixed or removable.



Shower Panel Systems

One way to think of these showers is as stand up Jacuzzi showers. Highly customizable, shower panel systems redirect more water pressure where you desire, less where you don’t. Purchase a pre-configured unit or with some brands, make your own, detailing the number of spigots and their respective placement such as overhead, chest-level, knee-high, and the output amount, as well as the included spray options.
Note that in homes with installed shower panels, heated water usage tends to increase consumption. Please ensure that there are no environmental restrictions in your area barring the installation and usage of multiple shower heads.

Also, verify that your home plumbing can accommodate the introduction of any shower system you’re currently eyeing. While the industry standard for the diameter of water pipes is one half inch, some special showers require pipes that are wider. In addition, your current and existing water heater may not have the proper capacity to meet a higher level of demand. Retrofit options are often available, meaning older fittings will be made to work, but the wise and usually proper course is to seek the advice of a professional contractor.

When choosing a new shower, you can spend anywhere from $5 to $5, 000. Weigh out the options when choosing a shower head to ensure that the features you would like do not tip the scales past what you would pay. When comparing two models with a similar feature combination, remember that a higher price does not always necessarily indicate a higher quality level. Here at AKDY, our prices are competitve due to the fact that we skip the middleman and are our own manufacturer.

Finally, think about how much time and energy you wish to expend while installing your shower head. If you are renovating the bathroom or constructing a new home, the course of work already being done may very well be easily absorbed and transformed into a demanding installation. As a weekend afternoon DIY project, basic wall-mounted fixtures are most accessible for the plumbing savvy person.

After taking all the above into consideration, make your choice wisely. Like getting married, you will have to wake up to this shower head every morning. Thankfully, just like marriage, you can just buy another one and replace it. However, many of us like to get it right the first time. So before hastily choosing a shower head, remember, identify which shower head suits you the best. Consider which style best suits your lifestyle. Keep in mind that some people do not take showers only to get clean. Showers can be used to relax, de-stress, and is a great place for cognitive or deep thinking. Some people look for a simple shower head with a straight forward design, which suits their lifestyle. Others may prefer to have a more luxurious shower experience which entails a more advanced and user oriented shower with additional bells and whistles. Weigh in other factors like price and design. The simplest things like showers can make the greatest difference in the outcome of one’s day.

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