How to Choose A Wine Cooler

As more and more millennials are growing older and developing their tastes, the consumption of wine has been steadily on the rise. For them, long gone are the times of cheap alcohol and caffeinated energy drinks to fuel the nights. Now, it has been replaced by something more sophisticated as their palettes crave something multifaceted, opulent, and complex. So intrinsically, they go for wine, a refined beverage enjoyed by their parents and the elite. Fast forward, and now, the wine drinker has become a wine collector and naturally, now owns a wine cooler.

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Wine coolers, sometimes known as a wine fridge, wine refrigerator, or wine chillers are the perfect choice for the everyday consumer. They are the in-between should space and money not permit a wine cellar, but can also replicate the optimal storage conditions and temperatures for keeping your wine collection safe. Aside from that, they can be used for other useful purposes like showcasing your collection the next time you entertain guests. However, buying a wine cooler can be very daunting as there are many on the market with various options and styles to choose from. This can be exponentially frustrating if you are a serious wine aficionado that buys vintage or expensive bottles as you would take pride in such bottles. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t buy a masterpiece painting just to leave it outdoors.

Steps To Buying a Wine Cooler
Before buying a wine cooler, take a look at how serious you are about collecting and enjoying wine. A wine cooler should be considered if a person is new to the hobby of wine. In addition, be sure to identify if the wine that will be stored within said container is meant to be consumed or if it is meant to be aged and stored. Criteria like the ones mentioned above dictate just what kind of wine cooler would best match you. When looking for a wine cooler, pay attention to these details that will make choosing and buying a wine cooler a breeze.


Check Out the Size and Storage Area.
Size is a very important factor when choosing a wine cooler. Identify whether you are a simple dinner drinker or a collecting enthusiast. Then,  after you conclude on a number of bottles you will have, add 5 to that count. This is to account for the addition of new bottles that you may acquire. Next, see what size of wine cooler you will need. There are wine coolers that range from small little counter top units that hold 1 – 6 bottles or refrigerator sized wine coolers that hold over 500 bottles. Finally, see where the wine cooler will be placed. Ensure that the area has a reasonable ambient temperature with no extreme temperature fluctuations that could negatively affect the wine cooler functionality. Single compartment wine coolers rely on physics where cold air sinks and hot air rises to create separate zones for storing reds and whites. Dual zone units are designed to have two separate temperature controls allowing for precise setting of the respective wine storage zones. One thing that is commonly overlooked would be the fact that some wine coolers have the capabilities to cool sparkling wines or Champagne.  In addition, examine the wine cooler’s actual capacity to ensure that it reflects the stated amount. Most wine coolers’ capacities are calculated to reflect the classic 750ml glass bottle stacked on top of one another. This can be a hassle for any specially shaped bottles or if you would like to check the labels.. Furthermore,  inspect the shelving to ensure it is appropriate for you. Shelving can come as metal or wooden racks, that may or may not be removable, and this can really help further or hinder a decor plan.

Inspect the Quality and Features.
Wine coolers differ. Some are large and bulky, others smaller and compact. However, generally, a high quality wine cooler with large capacity and many features will set you back a pretty penny. For example, one feature that is overlooked is locking doors. High end wine is not cheap. Delegating its safety to an over glorified box with children and unknowing guests around can easily result in broken bottles and “accidental” openings. In addition, features such as adjustable legs allow for the unit to stand on uneven ground and allowing bottles to remain safe from vibrations. Interior lights will allow you to see and make a selection of wine through the glass rather than having to open the door.

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Consult your wallet.
Ultimately, the decision to get a wine cooler is hampered by the cost. However, ensure what you are paying for is worth the price. Be sure the quality of the product matches or exceeds its price as this is the new appliance that you are using to house a precious bottle of wine. It would be upsetting if a person were to spend a great deal of money on a special bottle of wine only to have it spoil due to an unsatisfactory wine cooler. To avoid this, examine user reviews and, if you can, go check out a showroom or a working floor model. Furthermore, plenty of shops and merchants offer some form of savings or markdowns. Waiting for opportune moments such as those can help save you some hard earned money.

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  1. Louis

    The advice I got when I was shopping for a wine fridge years ago was: Get one much bigger than you think you need. I did heed this advice and was very glad I did.

  2. Barry Spero

    We are purchasing a wine chiller – looking at the AKDY 28 – Model WC0015 the cabinet we have is 30 1/2 H, 23 W and 23 D – the unit measures 28.28 H, 16.93 W and 20.27 D – do we have enough clearance to allow for proper air circulation

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