How to Choose a Shower Panel


“Are you a bath or shower person?” was one of the many questions I encountered during my lunch break as a few coworkers and I were discussing what we preferred. After exchanging answers and other trivialities from “LA or NYC” or “candy or chocolate” to “automatic or manual”, the bath and shower question really stuck with me. It got me thinking about shower panels, a type of product that we sell at here at AKDY®, and the fact that I had never heard of such a thing until I began this job.  I realized that there are many different methods of getting clean, but lets deviate from the usual approach.

Now, chances are, that most people have not heard of shower panels and those that have are usually in the bath industry or are planning or undergoing a bathroom renovation project. Allow me to explain what exactly a shower panel is. A shower panel is wall mounted panel that has a myriad of features on it to help you get clean. Things like body sprays and massaging jets dot the panel, as well as a shower head and possibly, a shower wand. It is mainly featured in walk in showers, but again, a bathroom design is only limited by space, imagination, and income.


Since you now know WHAT exactly a shower panel is, allow me to navigate you through the various intricacies of properly choosing a shower panel and all the things you, the valued customer, should be looking for when making a selection. You can consider this the impromptu “Shower Panel Guide”.


An important aspect to keep in mind when shopping for a shower panel is design. The design of a shower panel is very important and can vary according to your own bathroom renovation plans. Shower panels are made from a myriad of materials, ranging from durable stainless steel and tempered glass to hardwood and plastic. These personal choices can all add or detract from the overall layout of the plans. Make sure you choose a shower panel that can match your ideas and does not visually clash. A proper shower panel can bring in a luxe look and a feel of modernization.


In today’s world, money is a big contributing factor. However, do not let it completely define your purchase. When buying a shower panel, choose one that fits within your budget and has all the features that you would like on your shower panel. However, this is not always an easy task. As more features are added to a shower panel, the price usually goes up as well. Selectively choosing and weighing the options versus price is something that many consumers must go through. However, some companies will offer a sale or discount for various reasons. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to a company’s newsletter to be kept in the loop for any ongoing or future sales or promotions.



The final thing that one should look for when buying a shower panel would be making sure the options on it are to your standard. Do you care about misting sprays, massage jets, or rainfall showers? Identify the preferred method of showering and ensure that your shower panel has all the features you need and want. Some shower panels include a handheld shower wand to aid with directing the flow of water where needed. In addition, some shower panels are paired with a built in tub filler, to be mounted over a bathtub. This allows for baths and showers at the owner’s discretion.

shower_thermostatTemperature controls are built in to some shower panels. However, one of the more creative ways to counter scalding is the colored LED temperature display that changed colors to reflect the temperature of the water. Each individual color represents a certain level of heat. This is perfect for young children who may not know how to operate and fine tune the dial for safe temperatures of water. This can prevent burns and other problems that may arise from scalding hot water.

AK-5333D-01Armed with these tips, you can go out and make an informed decision to buy a shower panel. However, don’t just take our word for it. AKDY® shower panels have been ranked high in the industry. On agreatshower.com, we have 2 shower panels in their Top 9 shower panel section, both scoring a respectable 4.6/5 and above. In addition, on WalkInShowers.org, we have 5 shower panels in the Top 10 selection. Furthermore, we have one more shower panel on the ShowerLover.com website that has a compilation of the “Best Shower Panels In 2015”

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  1. Louis

    I put a white frame in one of our rentals – looks lovely when it is clean.
    But for this new build and because I have 4 ensuites I chose to use chrome on all the showers. That ties in with the chrome surrounds on the mirrors as well as all the taps / towel rails etc.

  2. Kenneth Baker


    I was looking for a few resources on best shower panels and I came across your very post: How to Choose a Shower Panel.

    I noticed that one of the resources you mentioned in this post no longer exists.

    I recently created an extensively researched guide on best shower panels: http://ever-unfolding.net/best-shower-panel-reviews/.

    Considering number and score of Amazon reviews, price, features etc.

    It might make a good addition to your article.

    Either way, keep up your insightful blog posts.

    Best regards, Kenneth

  3. Rodrigo

    Those are some beautiful pictures!
    I love that wood frame for the shower head! Very inspiring designs for when I build my own house!

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