Shower Panels 101: Which one should you choose?

For any would-be home do-it-yourselfer, working on your bathroom can be nightmarish and intimidating. Once you factor in plumbing work, you may be over your head, call it quits, and seek professional help. Luckily, at AKDY we carry two types of shower panels for every skill level and bathroom remodel: easy connect shower panels and regular all-inclusive variants.

Easy Connect Panels

Easy connect panels are made to be simple and quick, only requiring preexisting hot and cold water controls to be present and a shower head. Think of these units for bathrooms with the standard run-of-the-mill shower head already in place. With an easy connect panel, it mounts directly into the line for the shower head and diverts water out through various openings of the shower panel. Temperature controls would be through your existing temperature control knobs that were used for the shower head. Definitely consider our easy connect shower panels if you want the look for a full shower panel, without any messy plumbing.

Popular models include (pictured from left-right):

SP0024 SP0038


Thermostatic Panels and Pressure Balancing

For those looking to redo your entire shower or are building one from the ground up, we carry our regular thermostatic shower panels with temperature controls. These units are made to be all inclusive and handle both temperature controls and pressure balancing to be an all-in-one solution. Expect to see advanced features such as LCD temperature displays, multi-function water heads, and LED lights to illuminate both the head and wand. These panels are perfect for homeowners and contractors who have open hot and cold water lines and need one panel to handle everything.

Popular thermostatic models include (pictured from left-right):

SP0013 SP0047

Popular pressure balancing models include (pictured from left-right):

SP0004 SP0005

No matter which route you chose, we have a shower panel to meet your needs. All shower panels come with our 1-year limited parts warranty and is protected against defects in workmanship. For more information, visit AKDYUSA.com or our distributor at ShopRangeHoods.com.

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