AKDY Presents Innovative Range Hoods, Kitchen Sinks

Technology, function, and elegance merge for a modern kitchen

(Los Angeles, CA, December 31, 2014) – AKDY Imports, a manufacturer of high-end home improvement products, views the creation of kitchen appliances from an artists’ perspective. Range hoods and kitchen sinks incorporate stylish and superior manufacturing, technology, and unexpected features – like touch panels and remote-controlled hidden vent systems.

While these necessary appliances in any home or business may often be seen merely as a matter of function, AKDY sees their ability to drastically improve a kitchen’s operation and design.

“We look at trends both within and outside of the kitchen and bath industry to stay a step ahead in our product development based on what consumers want – or will want. We try to be creative and introduce high-quality products that you can’t find in any old home improvement store, ” says Brian Chen, project manager.

AKDY proudly presents three stand-out models from its line of appliances that perfect function and elegance.

dual side control panel island range hoodAIR0B636 – 36” Island Range Hood – The slim charcoal and stainless steel design features dual-side touch panel controls for easy access on either side of your kitchen island. 870 CFM threshold and timed shut off ensure energy efficient ventilation performance.Convertible to a non-vented system, its unobtrusive design is perfect for a sophisticated kitchen.

stainless steel apron front kitchen sink



 Apron Front Kitchen Sink – Enjoy the benefit of a practical and sturdy farmhouse sink with a modern 16 gauge stainless steel version. The 29” single bowl, scratch-resistant surface is spacious enough for cooking sheets and 9” deep for large pots. The apron front installation requires less physical stress and makes cleaning easier, and sound insulation reduces noise for the busy chef.


hidden vent black range hood

AWR0B730BK – 30” Wall Range Hood – The tempered glass canopy and black stainless steel bring a sleek, hi-tech look to your kitchen. The system stays hidden until you need it, then opens with a remote control. The unique design includes a touch sensitive glass control panel and automatic shut off. The dual LED light bars provide a workspace with no shadows. It also features 3 speed settings with timers, 760CFM, and low noise dual chamber to quietly trap smoke and fumes.


To find out more about these products or AKDY’s full line of range hoods and other home appliances, visit our booth at KBIS #S5065.

About AKDY

AKDY Imports is a manufacturer of high-end home improvement products that help make your home a better place to live. Since 2006, AKDY has stayed on top of industry trends to provide customers with a wide range of the latest designs and best materials, at some of the most affordable prices on the market. To learn more about all European-style kitchen, bathroom, and home décor products, visit www.akdyusa.com

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If you would like more information about AKDY, please contact Holly Pinkham at 626-278-8928 or [email protected], or stop by the booth at KBIS #S5065.

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  1. D. A. Willis

    Why is the farmhouse sink no longer available? Will it be coming back soon?

    1. Brandon Tang

      Hello D.A. Willis,

      Thanks for commenting. If you can get me the product number or some specific type of product identification, I can look up the availability and relay that information to you.

      Best regards,

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