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6 Benefits of a Massaging Shower Panel

If you’ve been watching any of the home improvement channels lately, you’ve likely found yourself green with envy over some of the bathroom renovations with state-of-the art shower features. But don’t worry if you think you’re stuck with your plainly functional bathroom. There are ways to indulge using your current space without having your own episode of “Cribs”, starting with a massaging shower panel. These all-in-one additions to your shower can transform your entire morning routine without breaking your budget.

6 Benefits of a Massaging Shower Panel:

  1. Stress relief. Massage is known for relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure, and improved circulation. When pressure is pushing in from all sides, all it takes is a few minutes of hydromassage to help you relax. Say good-bye to tense muscles, anxiety, and stress headaches.
  2. Simplicity. A shower panel will fit easily into your existing space, and with every feature included in one panel, there’s no waiting for each individual feature to be installed. Once the plumbing is hooked up, it’s ready to enjoy and convenient to maintain if any repairs are needed. silver massage shower panel
  3. Stylish and smart. Shower panels are equipped with a variety of massaging jets, rainfall showerhead/handheld shower head, thermostatic control, mirror, shelving, temperature display, and tub spout. Just choose your favorite style and color, and you’ve got everything you could want in one place.
  4. Safe for the whole family. With a handheld showerhead and tub filler, shower panels are great for seniors and children. Thermostatic controls and temperature-sensitive showerheads allow you to control the temperature so you never have to step into a scalding or freezing shower.
  5. Save money. Massaging shower panels are actually affordable, much more so than a traditional faucet system. And compared to the cost of regular visits to the spa, they’re truly a bargain!
  6. Sanctuary. Many adults never make themselves a priority, constantly giving in to the demands and needs of others. A shower panel can turn your bathroom into your own oasis where the cares of the world melt away and you become number one for just a few minutes.

shower massage jets If you’re longing for an extravagant shower that oozes of luxury, but think you’re stuck with your basic shower head from the last century, you’re wrong! This simple addition to your bathroom will transform the act of showering from a necessary hygienic ritual into a daily spa treatment right in your own home.

To find out more about how affordable and easy it is to get a massaging shower panel,  contact us.

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  1. Kenneth Baker

    Wow, it’s best that I don’t get one of these best shower panels. I’ll be in a shower for a whole day…

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