Large Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

10 Ways to Make a Bathroom Look Bigger

Unless you have the pleasure of a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous kind of home, you probably don’t have a luxuriously spacious bathroom. Some of the smallest spaces in a house, most bathrooms don’t have a wall to tear down or enough land to add an extension. Therefore, by default, bathrooms will remain small in size.

Luckily, you do have some control over how small the bathroom feels.

We’ve got some valuable tricks to make your small bathroom feel more expansive and open – no major remodel required.

  • Choose Light Colors: White, beige, pastel, and cool colors are the best paint choices for the bathroom because they are serene and soothing and make the space feel more open. Dark neutrals like gray and black make bathrooms feel closed-in and gloomy. An alternative to a fresh coat of paint is wallpaper, just be sure to choose a white or light-colored background with a design that calms you.

All white bathroom with glass door shower

  • Go Vertical: Visually raise the walls higher when you add tile or crown molding that extends to the top edge of the wall. It gives the appearance of taller, larger walls and ceiling.

black and white bathroom with tiled walls

  • Let There be Light: Nothing opens up a bathroom like a flood of natural light. Opening those window curtains or shades makes bathrooms feel airy and roomier. Also try adding light fixtures for additional light. Install recessed lighting in the ceiling and/or add a countertop lamp or wall sconces for warmth.
  • Fix the Floor: Dark colors make the bathroom feel tightly enclosed, so replace dark-colored floors with a brighter hue. For a quick and inexpensive fix without replacing the entire floor, add a large, bright-colored rug.
  • See Double: It’s not a bathroom until there’s a mirror. Think bigger than the usual medicine cabinet mirror, though. Large mirrors work well in the bathroom because they reflect the light in the room to make the space seem larger.  Place it above the sink for best results. If there’s more wall space, add a mirror on another wall to increase the amount of light from reflection. You can also replace a large mirror with small mirrors, neatly arranged on the wall.

bathroom with large mirror

  • Crystal Clear: Get rid of colored shower doors. Colored doors make bathrooms feel small because they block part of the room and minimize the feel of the space. To visually enlarge the room, opt for glass shower doors.
  • Great Escape: If the bathroom has a bare wall, add a painting or stencil to make the blank space pop and add some character. Try photos of nature or paintings and stencils that feel like an escape from the real world.
  • Swap a Sink: Vanities may provide more storage, but it also takes up a lot of space. Trade the vanity for a sink. A wall-mounted or pedestal sink is inexpensive and a space saver. Find a nearby linen closet, a small shelf for storage or cabinet space inside the walls in place of a vanity.

Light lavender bathroom with pedestal sink

  •   Slimming Effect: Accessories and bathroom furniture sticking out shortens the walk-through space and visually shrinks the room. Eliminate items such as wall shelves, racks, and decorative accessories.
  • Be Free: You can also switch your bathtub for a smaller freestanding or soaking tub to save some space. Since they do not have to be connected to a wall, they also offer flexibility in your bathroom layout. White acrylic blends easily into the serene, bright look in the bathroom.

white acrylic round soaking tub

Do you have other tips? Share with us!

If you’re looking for bathtubs or shower panels to upgrade your bathroom, please don’t  hestitate to contact us. We’d love to help you find the perfect match for your home!


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