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10 Remodeling Trends for Your Kitchen in 2015

From counter tops to cabinets, sinks to stoves, kitchen remodeling is one of the best ways to generate a return on your home investment. A kitchen remodel is one of the best investments you can make for your home. If you’re planning on selling, an 80% return on your investment is not unusual, according to www.realtor.com.  If you don’t plan to sell, your ROI comes in the form of a more comfortable and enjoyable home.


As a new year approaches, you may be ready for some refreshing. While different designers will have their own personal touches, let’s look at some upcoming kitchen trends that many of them agree on:

  • In 2014, home appliance and fixture trends shifted from rustic to minimalist. For 2015, materials matter as well as looks. Designer Sharon McCormick identifies the minimalist look as elegant and cost-saving.

  • Clean lines that flow with the rest of the space are tying together rooms and encouraging a stronger sense of “togetherness”. With homes becoming smaller and greener, making good use of space in this manner will help the whole house feel more open and roomy.

  • Cabinetry is taking on a less-is-more trend as open floor plans blend casual areas with the kitchen. Shaker-style doors are easy to clean, and their lack of ornamentation allows them to be attractive without being ostentatious.

  • Deep, stainless steel sinks with pull-out faucets and “pot fillers” will be the choice for smart remodelers. Though homes are going to be somewhat smaller, sinks can be as large as needed, with the general preference leaning towards the dual-basin models with a more shallow rinse sink.

  • Granite counter tops are still in demand for 2015, and they are being paired with butcher blocks and stainless steel for a clean, functional look.

  • Incorporating technology, in demand in 2014, will continue an upward trend, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). The 2015 kitchen will be a money-saver as technology becomes greener and smarter. AKDY plans to incorporate more LED touch panels to keep range hoods on par with phone and computer technology.

  • Speaking of, range hoods have become major accent points. Keeping with the minimalist lines of the 2015 kitchen, range hoods are turning from large and homey to sleek and powerful. Beyond simply removing odors and particles from the kitchen, they are becoming subtle accents over the range that say “This is where the magic happens!”

  • Backsplashes will lean towards glossy materials, such as glass or ceramics. Colors may be subdued or bold, or even a bit of both depending on your tastes.

wood subtle kitchen design

  • Flooring is trending toward the all-natural styles of ceramic, stone, hardwood, or cork. Reclaimed or distressed wood is also becoming more prominent.

  • Colors for your kitchen are going soft, replacing the stark white look of 2014 with subtle grays and other neutral colors. Subtle highlights may be of any color, but should blend with other accents in your home to tie the kitchen in with the rest of the house.

Whether you’re selling or staying, a kitchen upgrade is ideal for a return on your investment and making your home a better place to live.

 Don’t wait for 2015, though. Contact us for help in selecting the best range hoods and kitchen sinks for your new kitchen scheme today!


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